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Truth of Life

Truth of Life
1st class student becomes doctor &engineer and a 1st class citizen,
2nd class student takes up MBA and become manager and control 1st class citizen,
3rd class students join politics and control first and 2nd class citizen,
4th class students join underworld and control all three

The inner voice of an unheard soul

The inner voice of an unheard soul

Society loves the epic of an overachiever. Whether it's an exalting tale of a billionaire who went from rags to riches or a magical run by a Cinderella team in postseason play, mankind is fascinated by the concept of an individual or group of individuals overcoming supposedly impossible circumstances to achieve success. However, I've always found the term "overachieving" to be inaccurate when applied to people who prevail over unfavorable conditions.
When a person endowed with natural abilities and talents choose to do the work necessary to become successful, is it really proper to label him or her an overachiever? Or is it simply a matter of he or she doing what we as people are inherently called to do? My goal is to put forth my best effort in every aspect of my life, not because I want to be an overachiever, but because I feel that's what is required of me. While being raised in a low-income family might make me feel disadvantaged, I can't help but be reminded of my dad’s old axiom; there are no excuses. My parent's struggles along with obstacles in my own life have helped shape my aspirations and allowed me to become who I am today. I have no regrets; I wouldn't change a thing.
My parents faced many struggles of their own and neither attended college. I was the only one of their three siblings to attend high school. Sadly, my mom was caught in a net of illness and bid farewell to this planet. After which we burnt thousands of butter lamps and monks recited and chanted prayers.
 On other hand, my dad was left heart broken, struggling all alone in the garden under scorching sun and torrent rain. We might've been struggling financially, of which my brothers and I were never aware. My dad worked hard to ensure that we had every basic necessity and more.  I was raised in a home of love and encouragement, a trait that cannot be overlooked if I analyze what makes me the person I am today.
 The supportive environment I was brought up in helped to shape my philosophy and deal with issues that arose as I got older and completed my higher secondary school. The economy took a turn for the worse in me as my father become older and older. To say that I've persevered almost seems hyperbolic. Sure, I have had a few obstacles thrown in my way so far, but in my opinion the key to happiness lies in distinguishing the things a person can and cannot control. Does coming from a small village and a family which is financially disadvantaged means make certain dreams more difficult to achieve? Absolutely!
However, the most beautiful thing in our country is that all people and in particular myself are blessed to have such a far sighted, generous, selfless, and wonderful “KING, His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck”. While I was born into a family that has never had money, I've been blessed to be awarded a Trongsa Peonlop Scholarship. It is an opportunity that I am very thankful for and I am greatly benefiting from it. How it Begun having been filled with the desire to continue my education, I was mesmerized by the reality, that I  received a scholarship from the throne of His Majesty to pursue my studies in Thailand for four years.
 It was a dream come true for me and I thank God for his blessing. Bachelor in Civil Engineering, It is over three and 11 months now since I joined Rangsit University, Thailand where I am currently pursuing my Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering. I must say the course is diverse with students from different nationalities. The course content is very rich as well and it is grounded on analytical and practical skills applied to engineering issues at local, national and global scales with an emphasis on learning from a comparative perspective. I need this knowledge to enhance my ability and capability in these spheres and I am glad to be pursuing this course.
I would like to thank His Majesty the King and the President of Rangsit University, Thailand for awarding me the scholarship to pursue the Bachelor in Civil Engineering in a diverse and positively challenging environment. I am Very grateful for this uncommon opportunity which I am privileged to have. Now, I take a vow considering god as my witness that I will never vaporize the benevolent opportunity.  Rather will be embedded in the abyss of my heart to serve my parents, the Tsa-Wa-Sum and finally myself with utmost dedication and commitment; flapping our national flag high above the sky with a slogan: “PELDEN DRUKPA”.

Thinley Dorji.
BE in Civil Engineering.
Fourth Year
Rangsit University, Thailand.
Trongsa Peonlop Scholarship Recipient

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Thrinzil's Shangrilla: Modernization

Thrinzil's Shangrilla: Modernization: Climate change is making the weather too hot in summer and really cold in winter but its moderate from my eyes. People from our country are...

Woman’s Description.

Women are the best vehicles in the world;
Beautiful headlights in the front, two great bumpers at the back
Self-lubricating, when hot;
Finger touch ignition.
Automatic engine oil change every month,
Any type of pistons and jacks fit,
Multiple seating styles and adjustments;
Great accessories,
Highest mileage: 9 months just in 5 ml,
That’s why men are dying to get a ride.


Climate change is making the weather too hot in summer and really cold in winter but its moderate from my eyes. People from our country are migrating more towards the west without any job proficiency due to unequal development in the country. Rural people are running away to the urban areas and when they go back home, it’s already taken by the ghosts. Engineering and Survey background youths are finding impossible to find a job due to the countries under developed state. So people have made up a phrase that, if a bird poops from the roof top it will certainly fall on an engineer or a surveyor.  For IT students...the problem will soon end after the completion of the IT Park...Somewhere, BA students will get crammed in the media industries bringing a climatic change in the media. But when it comes to engineers, there’s no excuse or discrimination, all will be treated equal despite their grades or marks...
So those engineering students with good marks or performance are strictly prohibited to take things easily and don’t be dependent on their marks alone.
Well, we should not get plunged into the past incidences. Of-course it’s achingly touching, yet in this boundary-less world, copious of worthwhile opportunities are ahead of us and moreover everything happen for best. Above all, god is there to judge the facts and reward you for your generous and noble troublesome.